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humidity today. it will be back with a vengeance and muggy tomato puree here is a look at frederick this morning, 57 degrees. dewpoint is 62. drier air in place. not too humid. other temperatures across the region are in the 50's to low 70's south and east of the metro area. a little bit warmer in southern maryland. rockville, 68. low 90's. 91 the high-temperature locally today. south of the metro area, cannot rule out an isolated thunderstorm later this afternoon. the extended forecast is coming up. we start with a look at the springfield interchange. not too bad. heavy volume building up from newington to springfield. it is slow crossing the oregon
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riccocquan. as you head up towards the 14th street bridge, you could find everything moving smoothly. 270 near 109 not too bad. slower approaching the exit. through montgomery county. on the beltway looking pretty good. no early accidents so far this morning. starting off pretty well. thank you. 6:01 now. our top story. a car loses control and crashes into a montgomery county home. >> this happened overnight in aspen hill. we have the latest details. good morning. what we know right note is the female driver of the car sometime after midnight was driving on aspen hill road when she lost control crashed through this chain-link fence and into keith avery's home.
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tell us what happened last night. >> i was taking a nap. i heard this loud crash. i thought it was an accident outside. so when i opened the door to the back bedroom she was in my dininrg room. i was shocked. >> right now crews are here boarding up your home. what have they told you about its condition? >> they told me that the home was uninhabitable because she took out a load bearing wall. so the structure is unfit for habitation now. >> i know it's beena a tough morning. the good news is that he and his wife and his son are ok. as for the 22-year-old that was
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driving a car police arrested her. no word on that the charges and who she is. the home is uninhabitable so the family will have to find someplace else to stay for a little while. >> we are coming off of the fourth of july holiday has there been word on where the woman was prior to running into the house? or if alcohol played a factor? >> i did ask mr. avery. he did say that the police when they got here to the woman out of the car. they were conducting some field sobriety test. the homeowners witnessed here being taken away by police. she has been arrested. police have not told us what the charges are and whether or not alcohol was involved, but we know she was arrested. we do not know the charges. some local neighborhoods according to residents still look like a war zone in the wake of sunday night's severe storms.
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powerful winds caused trees to fall on cars, homes, and power lines. a longtime resident of this arlington neighborhood says she has never seen anything like it. at least two houses were damaged so badly they have been condemned. it was a dangerous holiday weekend out on the what . this morning a child is dead, a man is missing, and another is fighting for his life. >> all of them are separate accidents but similar circumstances. brianne carter is live along the potomac river with more details. >> officials tell us that the july 4 holiday weekend was one of the busiest on the water. these were separate but scary situations. the latest occurring out here on the potomac river. a holiday celebration that has turned tragic across the region. this morning, a man is trying to
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recover after being pulled from the potomac river late last night. officials say the man hit his head and fell into the water while he was trying to tie his boat. this came hours after a man nearly drowned in germantown. >> it is not the kind of water you think of as dangerous. >> the 38 year-old man was trying to recover his electric toy boat in gunners lake when he went under. he was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. >> you never know when you go out there and the first place. you have to be very careful when you go out there and are fooling around with what . >> at sandy point park, a holiday tragedy that left a little boy dead. officials say the boy was swimming in an unguarded area of the park when he went under. he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. >> a lot of people were screaming, because it was a little child. and everybody participated trying to find him. >> as we see some people get out
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on the water this morning, there are a number of boaters who stayed out on the water from last night. officials said that not only holiday weekend but throughout the summer, safety should be the priority. looking now at the day ahead, a florida jury will spend another day deliververating casey anthony' fate. anthony is charged with killing her two-year-old daughter in 2008. she could be sentenced to death if convicted. 6:06. the senate returns to work after a short recess. the debt ceiling will take center stage. republicans say there will not go along without spending cuts. democrats say there needs to be new sources of revenue.
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the first family held a special fourth of july celebration at the white house. the president, first lady and their daughters held a barbecue and concert on the south lawn. hundreds of military heroes and their families participated in the festivities. president obama thank those who have served our country. a lot people winding down right now from the fourth of the light excitement. -- fourth of july excitment. >> wonderful excellent. >> hundreds of thousands of people's packed the national mall yesterday. if you did not make it out there, no worries. we have a slide show of all of the best fourth of july pictures on >> there will be lots of cleanup to date. here in arlington, you can see where people were camped out.
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you see their picnic remains. >> a busy day for a lot of people. 6;"07. >> a wild finish at nats park. a less humid back to work forecast. adam
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>> hi. i'm crystal reminding you that digging holes in the sand can be dangerous. "good morning washington."
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adam caskey in the weather center. take a look of a beautiful shot of the sun rise we have over laurel maryland. there is lovely look at the sun. south of the metro area, we have some mid-level clouds that are moving out of the area. 75 at reagan national. 68 in leesburg. martinsburg checking in at 62 degrees. lexington park, 74 in manassas. not quite as humid today. a moderate humidity. a lot of sunshine. south of the metro area, culpeper, towards a lexington park, that is where we could have a few isolated thunderstorms this evening. garden variety public storms. not much expected. the vast majority of us -- a sunny today. tomorrow isolated storms in the
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afternoon. so far not too bad this morning. we will start with a look at 66 inside the beltway. under the bridge is 66. looking pretty good in both directions. there was a report of an incident in manassas. eastbound year 234. west of the beltway. the 14th street bridge, traffic moving smoothly heading into the district. still looking good o n270. well, there was a wild finish at nats park. >> here it goes. back to the screen. >> they scored the game-winning run on a wild pitch in the bottom of the 10th inning. the dc 9 walkoff beating the cubs 5-4. thwe two teams go at it again
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tonight. what a finish. the nats are playing .500 baseball even without stephen strasburg or bryce harper. that has spanned optimistic about the future. yesterday harper graduated to aa harrisburg. 2-3 with a walk in his debut. rizzo says that he will stay in harrisburg for the rest of the season. they are excited to bring him up to the bigs. 6:13 69 degrees. breaking the bank. how much a royal wedding is costing taxpayers. >> several american tourists a
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our top stories. police are investigating an overnight car crash that damaged an aspen hill home. investigators say a woman lost control of her car at absent up -- aspen hill road and park land drive. the car slammed into the home. one person was injured. the woman was taken into custody. it was a dangerous holiday weekend on area waterways. a child drowned during a trip to sandy point park. a man nearly drowned in germantown. another man is hospitalized after being pulled from the potomac river. exxon mobil says it will do whatever is necessary to clean up an oil spill on the yellowstone river. the cleanup could be a big task. officials say 42,000 gallons of oil spilled on the quote -- when the 12th and pipe burst last weekend.
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6:15. new this morning, seven american tourists are missing after a fourth of july fishing trip to mexico went wrong. their boat capsized during a weekend storm and the gulf of california. 35 people were picked up by the mexican navy. john hendron joins us with the details. good morning. >> that fishing vessel is called "the erik." it had stabilizers' but it was no match for that for a storm in the gulf of california. the american tourist started with a wake-up call. they were told the ship was sinking. the boat left san felipe sunday. sunday morning it hit a flash storm off the baja california peninsula.
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two waves capsized the boat. at 2:30, the vessel sank. many survived for more than 16 hours at sea clinging to coolers and rescue rings. 44 passengers and crew on board. 27 were american. at least one of those americans is dead. the search goes on for several more that remain missing. it's now 6:17. a developing story. a former head of the international monetary fund is facing new sexual assault allegations. a french writer says dominique strauss-kahn tried to rape her in 2002. he is accusing her of slander. dominique strauss-kahn is charged with sexually assaulting a new york city hotel maid. she is dogged by questions about her credibility. >> daniel radcliffe is opening
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up about his drinking problem. he said he partied too hard and is calling it quits. he said he felt pressure to have a hollywood life style. he says he is no sober. >> you see a lot of child stars sucked into that lifestyle. 6:18. america's money. how much of the royal wedding is costing subjects of the crown. >> plus another round of layoffs in the financial industry possible. >> good morning. all morning about the greek bailout. the standard and poor's credit rating agency says that greece would be in default on its debt under the plan proposed by french banks. it could derail efforts for agrees to repay its loans. after a weekend without parts and how it recreation, minnesotans are waking up with
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of other government services. they shut down after a stalemate over how to close of $5 billion budget gap. get ready for another round of layoffs. so hundreds of bankers will lose their jobs in the next few weeks. there has been a sharp downturn in demand for their services. royal visits and weddings are fun to watch but they are not without a price. the wedding cost them about $62 million last year. 6:19, time for us to check on traffic and weather. >> we have adam caskey with a look at the day ahead. >> the sunrise over frederick. 67 degrees. the new air and space facility. cool facility.
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dewpoint is 62. not all that humid. a little break. you will still feel some humidity but it is not a present. arlington at 72. bowie, md. at 70. upper 60's north of the metro area. the true measure of how much moisture is in the air and how comfortable or uncomfortable is -- uncomfortable south of the metro area. dewpoint in the low 70's. northwest, look at that. a bit of a break. the frontal bondaryundary to the south is weak. enough to cause changes. light to moderate humidity levels.
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lingering clouds. we had overnight rain showers that came through this morning. mostly sunny today. high temperatures around 90 degrees. locally and within the beltway 91. further south of the metro area, we could have a few isolated thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening. tomorrow, everybody has a chance of a storm. friday and saturday, a bit of uncertainty. a low pressure system moving our way from the caribbean. we will keep an eye on it. devin o the springfield interchange. you can see the volume on the left-hand side of the screen northbound. pretty heavy but not a complete standstill yet. 395 northbound not too bad as you get toward the 14th street bridge. still pretty slow as you enter montgomery county from frederick county. head down past the truck scales.
6:22 am
through germantown not too bad. duke street, traffic is a little slow. 6:21 and 69 degrees outside. coming up next, the music world next big thing isn't old enough to drive. >> later on "oprah,:":" 13 years ago police found a little girl in a dog cage.
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this was a very special fourth of july for one particular 10-year-old girl. >> [rap music playing] >> this is sierra round tree. she deejayed -- known as d.j. beauty and the beast was inspired by her parent's love of music. >> in the car i started naming music that you could mix with other songs and naming the beats of music, this sounds per beet. my mom introduced me to deejaying.
6:26 am
>> she has been featured in some music videos. her cd comes out at the end of the month. >> i am sure that is not the less we have seen of her. 6:26 now. still another half hour of "good morning washington". >> stomachs of steel. pockets lined with cash. we will tell you who won the annual coney island hot dog eating contest. >> scary situations after celebrations on the water. i am brianne carter. we have the story coming up. we are tracking the changing weather condit
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> you wouldn't think of these waters being dangerous. >> trees and houses and cars and
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the road. >> straight ahead two big stories, good morning to you washington. back to work on this tuesday july 5. >> to have you along very will begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. is a pretty nice start to the day today with humidity lower in parts. it is not oppressive except in southern maryland where there is still humidity. there is a gorgeous picture from the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. 73 degrees in annapolis and they are on their way to 88. locally, we should be in the lower 90's. south of the metro area, culpeper toward lexington park,
6:31 am
we could have some isolated thunderstorms later today. low 90's the next couple of days with the chance of storms wednesday and thursday. let's start with a look at the beltway from the legion bridge. this is heading into northern virginia from montgomery county. it is slow but still moving. 270 at 109 has a little bit of fog and slow traffic as you approach 109 heading into montgomery county and beyond that the truck scales. northbound on i-395 at duke street is still pretty slow. vre-fredericksburg trained as a 10 minute delay. a car loses control and crashes into a house in montgomery county. >> an amazing video to show you. this happen overnight: aspen
6:32 am
hill road and jummy olabanji is live with details. we know this 22-year-old woman was driving on aspen hill road and she had two parked trucks on that side of the road and came speeding up this hill, crashing through this chain-link fence and into the home behind it. >> i was taking a nap in the back bedroom and i heard this crash. my son called mccurtain -- called me. it was my dining room and that is in the center of the house. i realized it was not dreaming. >> the red suv was inside his home. police were called and did arrested 22-year-old female driver of that suv.
6:33 am
we don know whether alcohol or drugs played a factor. crews have been out here all morning long boarding up the home. the family are not able to live in the house because the structure is too unsafe. keith avery are all doing okay this morning. they have to finding a place to live for the time being. >> what a horrible way to wake up this morning. the time is 6:33. some parts of our area are still cleaning up after sunday's storm. powerful winds toppled trees onto cars, homes, and power lines. one resident says she is never seen anything like this. at least two homes in the neighborhood were damaged so badly they have been condemned. safety on the water a child
6:34 am
is dead and one man is missing and another is fighting for his lead after drowning or nearly drowning over the holiday weekend. >> these three incidents happened at different times in different places but they all highlight a common summer danger. brianne carter ord joins us live. separate incidents but scary situations. a lot of people were out on the water throughout the holiday. on the potomac, there are a number of voters who stayed overnight after the july 4 celebration. this is where the latest incident happened. officials said they had to pull a man from the potomac river late last night a man his head and fell into the water while he was trying to tie up his butt. this came hours after another incident where a man nearly
6:35 am
drowned in germantown. police say 38-year-old man was trying to recover his electric toy boat when he went under. he was taken to the hospital and is now said to be in critical condition. in another situation at sandy point state park a holiday tragedy left a little boy dead. fire and rescue officials said the boy was swimming in an unguarded area of the park when it went under. but he was taken to a nearby hospital and was pronounced dead. this highlights the issue of safety in the water. officials say this is a weakened in the waterways are always packed with boaters and people out on the banks and in the water. whenever you are on the water safety should be the number-one priority. >> the time is 6:35. the mexican navy will resume searching for seven americans who have been missing since the fishing boat accident in the
6:36 am
gulf of california on saturday. the vessel capsized and sank during a freak storm an american man died 335 others were arrested after clinging to coolers and other objects for more than 16 hours. in the day ahead, jurors will resume deliberating whether casey anthony murdered her two-year old daughter three years ago. they got the case yesterday and they deliberated for about six hours without reaching a verdict. she could get the death penalty if she is convicted of first- degree murder. the senate returns to capitol hill after a quick fourth of july break. they will try to make a deal will clear the way for an increase in the nation's debt limit. republicans said it will not raise the debt ceiling without big spending cuts and democrats a new revenue sources are needed. the house will return to work tomorrow. here are more fourth of july images. this was the scene in new york city where crowds flock to the banks of the hudson in manhattan
6:37 am
to watch the 35th annual macy's fireworks display which were launched from six barges. this was called "gift of freedom." this was the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest on coney island. joey chestnut scarfed down 63 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win his sixth straight title. sonja won the women's contest down and 40 hot dogs. 6:37 is your time and 71 degrees. >> still ahead we will give you an inside look at life and work inside the west wing. >> first, we have another check
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>> 6:40 and time for us to check in on traffic and weather. we have doug hill joining us. >> happy fourth of july. did you stay up to watch fireworks? >> yes we had displays all weekend. the best ones were sunday outside my window. my neighbor had a 15-foot maple tree. lightning hit that one.
6:41 am
that does not always at the highest object. -- hit the highest object. here is a time lapse of a sunrise in laurel with clouds pushing south of the metro area. it is beautiful this morning with sunshine and humidity will be up but not oppressive. this satellite shows the situation is clearing out from northwest to southeast. we have high-level moisture south of the metro area but that will move out to the ocean quickly. we will have a nice day today. 67 degrees at washington-to dulles. south and east of town, it is warmer and more humid. the farther north you are the more dry. their risk of an isolated thunderstorm south of the metro area. it looks like this will be the
6:42 am
story for the next couple of days. we will talk about the rest of the week and look ahea coming up in a couple of minutes. >> let's check what's on the traffic horizon. it is not too bad so far this morning. volume is building on 395 northbound as you go past springfield. this is moving pretty well up through knowing tent guarded south of that, it will be slow across the occoquan. this is near new hampshire avenue on the beltway. from college park to silver spring on the outer loop. delays are building on the outer loop heading westbound on i-495 . over 2395, a little heavy near shirlington. >> that time is
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some of the nation's best known journalists work and some of the smallest spaces in washington. >> they are squeezed into claustrophobic glass booths above and below ground. we go inside the west wing. there is no job in journalism more glamorous than covering the white house. >> welcome to my veal pen. >> this is the view on television. >> afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. we take you behind the camera. >> this tour will take you how long? >> you could probably be up back in the next 45 seconds.
6:46 am
>> the president has his personal chef and the journalists have this -- >> if you're looking for fine dining this is the snack room, room for about eight people and all the chips you can eat. >> outside, one of the world's best known landscapes. this is probably the view your used to at the white as purdue have a fountain with a red, white, and blue tulips and on this side, you have the stately portico. this is what you don't see. if you look past these depositions, earth moving equipment, a giant construction zone and the eisenhower executive office building with floor after floor of scaffolding. >> is not a lot of room. i cannot stretch my arms out to either side. >> the entire press operation fits in a space that used to be dwight eisenhower's pool. it was traffic gridlock that
6:47 am
has been a big topic for many people. this is around the marc center and the workers being moved there will not all move in by september 15. only 2200 workers will be moved by that date. the delay will not give them a time for needed road improvements. >> 6:47 is your time and it was a working holiday for some republican presidential candidates. mitt romney and john hunter and campaigned in new hampshire. newt gingrich, michelle bachmann and rick santorum or on the trail in iowa. in today's political minute, the war in afghanistan takes center stage than the commander in chief meets with his new national security team.
6:48 am
let's talk about the significance of these meetings. the president wants to get everyone on board, right? that's right, he just announced the afghanistan drawdown which coincides with a major turnover in his leadership in afghanistan. all the people will be and the white house today meeting with the president. part of what is also going on is there is a push back on his afghanistan plan any need to get everyone on board ahead of august when the turnover settles in. >> congress is returning from holiday weekend early to continue to work on the nation's finances. it will be a busy week for them. >> absolutely, the senate will be back this week.
6:49 am
it puts pressure on them to get a deal done. on friday, we have the june jobs numbers which will be another pressure on congress to really get this done for the economy. on wednesday tomorrow, the president will have a twitter town hall. he will meet with senate democrats as well. >> a busy week on the hill. thank you so much. time for us to check in on a weather. good morning. this afternoon, there might be some busy weather activity south of the metro area. this is the time lapse from frederick coming in from the earth and space lab.
6:50 am
there were clearing skies north and west of the city but there is still some haze the south of in the region. 68 degrees in montgomery village. the dew point temperatures which is the true measure of moisture so a big range. -- show a big range. the 72 the dew point is down south in fredericksburg these are the visibility's. ies. most of the moisture will stay to the south of the area today. we will see temperatures top out around 90 degrees with winds light and variable and if there
6:51 am
will be any thunderstorms, the best chance will be south of the metro area. a few storms out will linger this evening and back to partly sunny, warm, low humidity to morrow, 91 degrees. we will look at arrest of the week coming up. >> let's hope it is quiet out on the roads as well. good morning, will start with a look at i-70 at falls road. -- i-270 @ falls road. it as usual volume but it is getting heavier. there is a delay from college park around to silver spring.
6:52 am
the outer loop is busy but the inner loop still looks pretty good. the toll road and route 28 seem to be very smooth with no accidents. we had an earlier incident northbound on the fairfax county park what but that has been cleared away. everythi
6:53 am
6:54 am
coming up here, lost at sea
6:55 am
the desperate search for seven americans surpassing after their tour boat sinks. we will hear very dramatic stories from the survivors plus, deciding her fate as jurors finally begin deliberating in the casey anthony case. fast and fatal is a new trend called car surfing. it looks exciting but can be very deadly. that is straight ahead on "good morning, america." for the first time in a while, there is now a teenager living at the white house. >> melia turned 13 yesterday agreed to celebrated her birthday with hundreds of others during a fourth of july celebration on the south lawn. the president recently told abc news that he is not worried about his daughter becoming a teenager because i have men with guns that surround them. both of his daughters are absolutely stunning. >> what a great deal for your birthday with fireworks. >> exactly.
6:56 am
>> time for us to take a last look at traffic and weather. 270 had wanted nine is still very slow. it continues past the trucks scales. near duke street in virginia is looking pretty heavy as you come up from edsall road toward the 14th street bridge. it is turning into a nice day. a little break from the humidity. near 94 the high temperature with a lot of sunshine and isolated some charm possible south of the metro. typical july weather with the oppressive humidity and the possibility of storms wednesday and thursday. some artists -- some uncertainty friday and saturday. we will keep an eye on it. >> does it for us this morning. >> for continuing local news coverage
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